Player Selector

Some actions allows to use list of players as parameters.

Usually you need to point one player:


But sometime you need to list few players. Here is format: player:{[Players] [Region] [Faction] [World] [Group] [Permission] [Location]}


  • player:<PlayerName> – Single player (with provided name)
  • player:all – All players
  • player:null – Empty player list
  • player:<player1>[,<player2>,.] – List of players, divided by colon
  • region:<region1>[,<region2>..] – Players in listed regions (WorldGuard plugin required)
  • faction:<faction1>[,<faction2>...] – Players in listed factions (Factions plugin required)
  • world:<world1>[,<world2>...] – Players in listed worlds
  • group:<group1>[,<group2>...] – Players in listed groups
  • perm:<permission1>[,<permission2>...] – Players with one of provided permissions
  • loc:<Location>radius:<Number> – Players in area around the location (player distance from provided location limited by radius