Particles Effects

ReActions is able to play some particles effects. Number of supported effect could be greatly increased with additional plugin PlayEffect.

Standard effects

Effect nameParametersDescription
SMOKEdir:<direction>Simple smoke effect. modifies smoke direction:
· N — north
·NW — northwest
·NE — northeast
· S — south
· SW — southwest
·SE — southeast
· W — west
·E — east
· CALM — up
· RND — random direction
· ALL — all directions (9 smokes will played)
FLAME-Mobspawner flame effect
ENDERdata:<speed>Ender signal effect
POTIONdata:<potionType>Breaking potion bottle effect

More effects!

You can increase number of effect using plugin PlayEffect. This plugin contains a lot of additional effects, syntax of it is similar to ReActions syntax and all parameters of PlayEffect could be used in every part of ReActions that plays visual effects.