General Information


ReActions is plugin for craftbukkit/spigot. We regularly update ReActions to make it compatible with latest versions of craftbukkit/spigot. And we also trying to keep compatibility with older servers. Currently ReActions supports craftbukkit 1.5.2 and newer.

Other Minecraft server cores are not supported.

General features

To understand further description let us clarify the terminology and define general featuers

  • Subscription. Binding of the activator to any gaming event (getting damage, pressing a button, donning armor, clicking RMB with a specific item in hand). Thus, if the activator is subscribed to an event, it’s triggered when an event occurs.
  • Activator. A set of "event-condition-action". I.e. the activator is caused by a specific event (which it is subscribed), checks for certain conditions (flags) and performs some actions.
  • Flag - condition to check.
  • Action - what makes activator after checking flags. Actions are of two types:
    • action - executes after successful verification flags;
    • reaction - executes after unsuccessful verification flags (if at least one flag returns false).
  • Placeholder - use it to determine dynamically calculated values. You can use buit-in placeholders as parameters to commands or actions. Placeholder API supported.
  • Timer is a scheduler that triggers an activator in defined time
  • Item format. Specific format used to define items and item stacks.
  • Location format. Format to define locations. You point to fixed point or even to a random point inside a region.
  • GUI - Inventory Menu. Create and show menu using player inventory.
  • Particles Effects. Play any particle effect.
  • Time-Format. Some actions, flags and activators use universal format to define time, ticks or delays.
  • Variable is a value that can change. It could contain numbers, text or boolean values. You can use this values in commands, activators and even in third-party plugins that supports Placholder API.


ReActions is compatible with some third-party plugins. All dependencies are soft - you can feel free to use (or not) any of this plugins.

  • Vault — group management and economy.
  • WorldGuard — required for using regions-activators.
  • Towny — you can change/check the player’s town (Warning! Towny located at external web-site and it not approved by bukkit team. Use it on your own risk).
  • Factions — you can catch faction relationship changes, change player’s faction.
  • RacesAndClasses — you can change/check player’s class and race.
  • PlayEffect — you can play particles effects.
  • Craftconomy3 — advanced economy features, multiple currency support.
  • ProtocolLib — packet control library, required to handle messages sent to players
  • PlaceholderAPI — additional placehdolers