Plugin Configuration

Plugin configuration stored in file config.yml. After editing this file you must restart server. Don't use /reload/ command.

Example of file config.yml

  language: english   # supported languages: english, russian. 
  check-updates: true # check for new versions on site 
  player-self-variable-file: false # If true, the player's personal variables will be stored in a separate file of the variables directory
  player-asynch-save-self-variable-file: false # This is an experimental parameter. If set to true and player-self-variable-file: true, the personal variables will be stored asynchronously. To reduce the load on the server.
    use-task: true    # Use tasks instead of PlayerMoveEvent. Could increase perforomacne.  
    task-tick: 5   
  show-messages-for-actions: tp,grpadd,grprmv,townset,townkick,itemrmv,itemgive,moneypay,moneygive  # display built-in messages for this actions.
  center-player-teleport: true # modify player teleporting locations (to center of blocks). 
  region-recheck-delay: 2  # How often (in seconds) execute REGION activator
  item-hold-recheck-delay: 2 # How often (in seconds) execute ITEM_HOLD activator
  item-wear-recheck-delay: 2 # How often (in seconds) execute ITEM_WEAR activator
  horizontal-pushback-action: false
      enable: false    # Enable/disable experimental activator GOD. Disabled by default, could conflict with other plugins
      recheck-ticks: 10   
actions: # action configuration
  shoot: # configure blocks to break and invisible blocks for SHOOT action
MySQL: # MySQL configuration
  server: localhost
  port: '3306'
  database: ReActions
  username: root
  password: password
  codepage: ''