Activator MESSAGE

/react add message <AcitvatorId> source:<SourcType> type:<CompareMethod> mask:<Mask>

MESSAGE activator is executing when provided message is found in provided source. Here is supported source types:

  • ALL - any source;
  • CHAT_INPUT - player chat input;
  • CONSOLE_INPUT - message typed using server console;
  • CHAT_OUTPUT - message displayed in chat, plugin messages supported too;
  • LOG_OUTPUT - message in server log.

You can use some methods to determine message:

  • EQUAL - messages must be equal;
  • CONTAINS - find substring in message;
  • START - source message must starts with provided substring;
  • END - source message must ends with provided substring;
  • REGEX - using regular expression to match strings

This activator is a logical extension of my plugins MessageFilter and MessageCommander.

Temporary placeholders provided by this activator

%message%Source message
%word1% ... %wordN%Words in message
%int1% ... %intN%Integer number founds in message
%num1% ... %numN%Any number founds in message (including integers)
%word-count%Number of words in message
%int-count%Number of integer numbers in message
%num-count%Number of... numbers in message