Activator GOD

This activator works when the player is changing the god mode.

This plugin is experimental and by default it is disabled in config.yml

To create this activator, use the command:

/react add GOD <ActivatorName> [god]

ElementPossible Values ​​Description
The mode of the god that will track the activator.
By default, god: ANY. This means that the activator will work when any god mode is switched.

The action of this activator can not be undone, it only catches the fact of switching modes of the god. It is also necessary to understand that the regime of God means the player's ability not to receive any damage.

Temporary placeholders active in this activator

%god%shows whether God's mode is enabled for the player.


  1. Show god mode, on which the player switched:
    god: ANY
    - broadcast=&ePlayer &a%player% &eis switched to god mode on &c&l%god%