Action TP

Teleportation to the specified point or at a random point within a certain radius of the specified point with playing a given particle effect in the place of the appearance of the player. The point may be a previously saved location.

TP <location> [radius] [land] [effect]

<location>loc:<Location>Destination location
[radius]radius:<number>The radius of the circle, within which a random point will be chosen, and the player will be teleported there
[land]land:<true / false>While teleporting to a random point (radius is set) - should we land the player. By default - true
[effect]effect:<particleEffectID>Particle effect, which will be played in the destination point (for example: smoke). List of particle effects

Temporary placeholders provided by this action

%loc-from%Player location before teleportation
%loc-from-str%Player location before teleportation (display format)
%loc-to%Player location after teleportation
%loc-to-str%Player location after teleportation (display format)