Wear item on to a player

ITEM_WEAR <item> [slot] [alreadyEquip]

ParameterParameter valueDescription
<item>item:<Item>Item, that player should wear
[slot]`slot:<helmet / chestplate / leggins / boots / auto>Armour slot, to put item
[alreadyEquip]exist:<remove / undress / drop / keep>What to do with already equipped item:
· remove — lost old item
· undress — move old item into player inventory
· drop — drop old item near player
· keep — wear item only if target slot is empty

Temporary placeholders provided by this action

%item_str%Description of item, that will composed from item's name, data and amount.
ITEM_WEAR type:DIAMOND_BOOTS name:{Power boots}
For this action placeholder will return: "Power boots"