Place item into provided inventory slot

ITEM_SLOT <Item> <Slot> [OldItem]

ParameterParameter valueDescription
<item>item:<Item>Item to put into provided slot
<item>AIRUse item "AIR" (or "NULL") to clear provided slot.
<Slot>slot:<Number:0..35>Inventory slot number
<Slot>slot:<helmet / chestplate / leggins / boots>Armor inventory name
[OldItem]exist:<drop / undress / keep>What to do with existed item (item located in provided slot):
· drop - drop near the player
· undress - move item into another slot of inventory
· keep - don't put new item in slot

Temporary placeholders provided by this action

%item_str%Description of item, that will composed from item's name, data and amount.
1. ITEM_SLOT slot:1 item:{type:DIAMOND amount:3 data:5 name:{Power crystal}}
For this action placeholder will return: "Power crystal*3"
2. ITEM_SLOT slot:1 item:{type:DIAMOND amount:3 data:5}
For this action placeholder will return: "DIAMOND:5*3"
3. ITEM_SLOT slot:1 item:{type:DIAMOND_SWORD name:{Sword of fromgate}|
For this action placeholder will return: "Sword of fromgate"