Set value of specified delay (sets estimated time). This action is used in bound with DELAY_PLAYER flag.

DELAY_PLAYER <id> <delayTime> [player] [add]

ParameterParameter valueDescription
<id>id:<DelayId>Delay id, that should be set
<delayTime>time:<Time>Value that should be got by delay
[player]player<Player>Player name to set player's personal variable. If omitted current player name will be used
[add]add:<true / false>Add provide time value to current delay time, if it already active

Temporary placeholders provided by this action

%delay-fulltime%Time (full format — "dd-MM-YYYY HH:mm:ss") when delay time will overdue. Example: 10-2017 08:00:15
%delay-time%Time (shorе format — "HH:mm:ss") when delay time will overdue. Example: 08:00:15
%delay-left%Time left. Universal format. Example: 1d 5h 3m 15s.
If time left value is lesser than 1 day (hour, minutes) corresponding fields will skipped. Example: 3m 25s
%delay-left-full%Time left. Full format. Example: 1d 05:03:15
%delay-left-hms%Time left. HH:MM:SS format. Example: 05:03:15.
%delay-left-hh%Time left. Hours only. Example: 05
%delay-left-mm%Time left. Minutes only. Example: 03
%delay-left-ss%Time left. Seconds only. Example: 15