Each activator can contain an unlimited number of actions and reactions. Actions to be performed if all activator flags returned true. If at least one of the flags returned false, runs reaction. Actions and reactions are executed in the order in which they were added to the activator.

Types of actions and reactions

ACTION_DELAYEDExecute another action after delay
BACKPushback player to one or two of previously stored locations
BLOCK_FILLFill area define by parameters loc1, loc2 or region with defined block type
BLOCK_SETPlace block in location
BROADCASTSend message to every online player
CANCEL_EVENTCancel bukkit event, that initiates current activator (not all activators could be canceled)
CHAT_MESSAGESend message from player
CMDExecute command as player
CMD_CHATExecute command as player from chat
CMD_CONSOLEExecute command as server console
CMD_OPExecute command as OP
DAMAGEHit player
DELAYSet global delay variable
DELAY_PLAYERSet personal delay variable
EFFECTPlay visual effect.
EXECUTEExecute a predefined EXEC-activator
EXECUTE_STOPStop executing of delayed activator
EXECUTE_UNSTOPResume executing of stopped activator
FCT_POWER_ADDAdd power to player's faction power value.
FILEActions on the server files
FLYSet the flight mode
FLY_SPEEDSet the player's Flying speed
GLIDESet the flight mode on Elytra
GROUP_ADDAdd player to group
GROUP_REMOVEKick player from group
HEALHeal player
IF_ELSEConditional operator
ITEM_DROPDrop items around defined location
ITEM_GIVEGive item to player
ITEM_REMOVERemove item from the player's hand
ITEM_REMOVE_INVENTORYRemove item from the player's inventory
ITEM_SLOTPut item in provided inventory slot
ITEM_SLOT_VIEWGet information about an item in a given slot
ITEM_WEARWear item
LOGWrite to the server log
MENU_ITEMCreate and show GUI (item menu) to player. Read how to create menu here.
MESSAGESend message to player
MOB_SPAWNSpawn mob (with specified name, health, enchants, etc...)
MONEY_GIVECredit player's account (and debit source player if defined)
MONEY_PAYDebit player's account (and credit target player if defined)
PLAYER_IDObtaining the UUID of the player
POTIONAdd defined potion effect to player
POTION_REMOVERemove potion effect
POWER_SETSet redstone power of the block (supported levers and doors)
RADIUS_CLEARRemove entities (mobs or items) in radius from player
REGEXPulling data out of the text. Parameter: REGEX input: regex: prefix
REGION_CLEARRemove entities (mobs or items) in region
RNC_SET_CLASSSet player's class (RacesAndClass plugin required)
RNC_SET_RACESet player's race (RacesAndClass plugin required)
SHOOTShoot (without projectile) in player view direction
SIGN_SET_LINESet (or clear) one or more line of sign
SOUNDPlay sound effect
SQL_DELETEExecute delete-query (delete record in MySQL database table)
SQL_INSERTExecute insert-query (insert new row in table at MySQL database)
SQL_SELECTExecute SQL query and store field located in first row (and defined column) at variable
SQL_SETSet the SQL variable
SQL_UPDATEExecute update-query (update field of table at MySQL database)
TIMER_RESUMEResumes execution of stopped timer
TIMER_STOPStops execution of timer
TOWN_KICKExclude player from the Towny's town
TOWN_SETMove player to Towny's town
TPTeleport player to defined location.
VAR_CLEARRemove global variable
VAR_DECDecrease global variable value
VAR_INCIncrease global variable value
VAR_PLAYER_CLEARRemove personal variable
VAR_PLAYER_DECDecrease personal variable value
VAR_PLAYER_INCIncrease personal variable value
VAR_PLAYER_SETCreate personal variable
VAR_SETCreate global variable
VAR_TEMP_SETCreate temporary variable
VELOCITYSet player''s velocity (you can force player to jump or change movement direction)
VELOCITY_JUMPJump to location
WAITWait some time before execute next action
WALK_SPEEDSet the player's walking speed
WE_SUPERPICKAXEThis action is used when the player needs to set the "Enable / Disable" option for super pickaxe
WE_TOOLCONTROLThis action is used when the player needs to set the "Enable / Disable" option for tool control